New York

Dave Cooperman



Weight: 155lbs.

Feels:    Morbidly obese

Height: 5‘8"

Feels: 3' 7"


Turned Pro: 1995

Number of kids: 5

Amount of twins fathered:

Average percentage of satisfied comedy audiences:

Money required for kid education:

Average daily pride-swallows:

$5.2 Million

Dave's children


  • Dave has been on the comedy circuit for 2 decades.  He has been on the same bill with comedians such as: Dave Attell, Bobcat Goldwait, Tracy Morgan, Bill Burr & Jim Gaffigan.

  • Dave recently appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival, making it to the semi-finals where he was unjustly eliminated by the poor decision-making of celebrity judge Emmanuel Lewis.

  • He has been featured on the nationally syndicated radio show: "The Bob and Tom" show where his segment was repeated on their 'Best of' series, including being featured on their comedy CD "Oddballs".

  • He married a lovely Chinese woman (unlike Emmanuel Lewis, her poor decision-making worked out nicely for him)  and had 5 boys (2 sets of twins) - Dave talks a lot about his interracial marriage, his rather poorly managed temper, and the challenges of raising 5 little boys.  Dave's act is characterized with physical comedy, but no, it's not just goofy stuff that would appeal only to the French -  there's a lot of sharp joke writing going on.

  • Dave has launched a comedy video series "Coop's Channel" with his children, which have been very well received (over 6,000 subscribers so far on YouTube).

"Dave was a huge success on the "Bob and Tom" show. We liked him so much we had him on 2 days in a row!"-Tom Griswold (Bob & Tom)